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3 tips that will help you get your marketing done & let you disconnect.

I hear all the time the following reasons why many of my clients haven’t gotten a particular task for their marketing: “I don’t have time to do my marketing, I’m too busy working in my business.” “I don’t have time to think up posts for Facebook, I’ve got a million emails to reply.” “I’ll do it when […]

I don’t hate my competition – I just wish they’d do the right thing.

I’m not the kind of business owner who gets threatened by competition I’m quite the opposite and instead pray that they’re going to be awesome, push us to do better, be better and strive to innovate more.  What often happens is that the people who focus on things that arn’t our core business but are […]

Twitter and/or Facebook Hacking beware the “short url”

So Twitter and/or Facebook hacking with a link isn’t really a new thing they just got better (or worse – depending on your standpoint at their lead in to making you want to click the link.  My blogs ARE pretty awesome and I might be undervaluing myself here for a moment but they’re probably not […]

Will the real Terri please stand up! A lesson about the Facebook lottery.

So an interesting thing happened earlier last week. I WON THE FACEBOOK LOTTERY! I had no idea Mark Zuckerberg was so generous, I’ve sent through my $500 to Mr Christian Völkers so that the UPS man could deliver my winnings to the door.  I should be getting my winnings any second now.  No seriously, don’t […]