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Twitter and/or Facebook Hacking beware the “short url”

So Twitter and/or Facebook hacking with a link isn’t really a new thing they just got better (or worse – depending on your standpoint at their lead in to making you want to click the link.  My blogs ARE pretty awesome and I might be undervaluing myself here for a moment but they’re probably not […]

Will the real Terri please stand up! A lesson about the Facebook lottery.

So an interesting thing happened earlier last week. I WON THE FACEBOOK LOTTERY! I had no idea Mark Zuckerberg was so generous, I’ve sent through my $500 to Mr Christian Völkers so that the UPS man could deliver my winnings to the door.  I should be getting my winnings any second now.  No seriously, don’t […]

Facebook Ads: Worth or Waste – My response

So I started writing this response in the YouTube comments of a video I recently watched.  I then realised it was perhaps a bit long.  So too the Blog I go! If you’re wondering what I’m talking have a watch of a video that was posted by Veritasium in relation to Facebook Advertising calling it very boldly […]

Sponsored Stories – The value of your LIKE

When you like something, how much do you really like something? Or are you one of those people that is a serial “Liker”?  There is this fantastic Google Hangout I was a part of with a guy called +Craig Chamberlin on “Internet Privacy. You have none.”  At some point put an hour aside to have […]