Background Images

[jpshare]I made some background images to use to put famous or inspirational quotes on.  I am making these available exclusively to our Silver Member and will add some more over...

21st Jan

What’s your social media purpose?

[jpshare]Aside from “Get More Likes” on your Facebook, each of your social media platforms should have a purpose, it could be any of the following: Gain credibility, allow fans to...

10th Jan
Members Only

Set Your Facebook Page Address

One of the top issue I see with most Facebook pages is that the page address hasn’t been set, it usually looks something like this: A few issues this presents....

10th Jan

Editing Scheduled Posts on Facebook – Update 7/01/14

Facebook have updated the ability for editing scheduled posts which began rolling out today.  This means instead of having to delete and re-post you can now edit your scheduled text/links...

06th Jan

Facebook Schedule Planner

For a Facebook Schedule Planner.  Sometimes the best tools are the simplest ones.  We still use this for ourselves and the client pages we manage. Download: OTOTGo Facebook Schedule When you...

02nd Jan
Members Only - Schedule Planner

Checking Scheduled Content

Checking Scheduled Content There are a few times when you may want to check what content is Scheduled and when.  For example, if you’re working late one night Scheduling content...

12th Dec
Checking Scheduled Content

Remove a scheduled post

Removing Scheduled Posts Like most things designed by nerds, buttons are often hidden in plain sight. The first screenshot below is of one of our scheduled posts and you will...

07th Dec

Change the Facebook “Profile Voice” to your “Page Business Voice”

Change your Voice There are a few advantages to making use of both your personal profile “voice” and your business page “voice”.  The first part of this is to do with...

07th Dec

How to schedule posts on Facebook

News alert: I use Facebook a lot – but not as much as it appears I do. There’s times when it looks like I’m posting at 7.00am or 11.00pm, except...

13th Nov

Facebook Content Checklist

What seems to be the hardest thing is having a “conversation” online.  Businesses in the past have been so used to selling via means of Television/Radio/Newspaper advertising it seems the...

11th Nov
OTOTGo Facebook Post - Logo Decisions