Facebook isn’t being a dick!

When your being bullied by a fake account……

Most people don’t know or are unaware of the fact that Facebook does not have enough manpower, (by

this I mean physical personnel) to single handily go through each and every account reported to

determine whether it is a fake account or not, so how does Facebook monitor, filter and make decisions

around which accounts get shut down and which ones don’t? This selection process is done by a

computer-generated system which is not always accurate, there are more than one billion people active

on Facebook so if we were to imagine how many people it would take to manage the selection process

in terms of Fake accounts alone then even with humans managing this system there would be countless

mistakes and I imagine a huge level of disputes around multiple accounts, the use of multiple names,

incorrect or false information e.c.t.

When the computer generated system seems to have made a mistake or has let an account slip through

the cracks there are things you can do, like dispute the decision, which then means it gets passed on to a

human to be reviewed from there a decision is made, so recently someone I know experienced some

pretty full on bullying by a person with a fake account and for no apparent reason other than for the

bully to get their kicks, we refer to these bullies as trolls, they build and feed off the reactions of others

they attack and of course the initial reaction for anyone being attacked is to respond with things like

“who are you”, “do I know you”, “what do you want” in a quest to find answers to why they are being

contacted or targeted by this unknown profile, once interaction has begun it’s easy for things to quickly

steam roll out of control, by this I mean even reporting and blocking the bully doesn’t mean it ends

there, as these trolls usually have multiple accounts so they will continue to bully using one of their

multiple accounts.

In the case I am referring to the troll made a number of threats to steal images and personal information

in a bid to pose as that person, they will even go as far as mentioning your children, family members and

friends to spark some kind of reaction, and nine times out of ten it does exactly that.

The key is to not react, not respond, as hard as it may be, especially when a troll hits an emotional

button you must stay strong in limiting any kind of reaction that will feed the beast and while Facebook

sometimes gets it wrong just keep being persistent and remember that it’s a computer generated

system and Facebook isn’t deliberately being a dick.

~ Emma Taylor OTOTGo Crowd Controller

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