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Looking for sales & marketing training in Perth without all the techno babble? We’ve run for over 4 years training for business owners likes yourself in skills to allow you to manage your own sales & marketing for your business.

We are considered one of the top trainers Facebook marketing in Australia by our peers and delivered to over 900 business owners across Australia and the UK in sales, marketing & Facebook training.

There are three main ways to gain training in marketing & sales with OTOTGo.

sales & marketing training facebook workshop

Facebook Workshops

The Facebook workshops run by OTOTGo have been one of the longest running and most popular workshops run locally to Perth, we have a limited capacity of 10 people per workshop and run monthly.

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Facebook Workshops for Business


sales & marketing training 3 day marketing retreat

Marketing Retreats

Our marketing retreats are gaining more and more interest, run over 3 days, this weekend away from technology will allow you to focused on getting your marketing planned. We address beliefs and overcome sabotaging strategies that finally get you moving forward with your marketing and ready to put into action when you return to your business on the Monday.

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3 Day Perth Marketing Retreat


sales & marketing training skype one on one mentoring

One on One Mentoring

Our company director Ming Johanson has been successfully mentoring business owners and social media marketing specialists around Australia.

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Mentoring with Ming


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