Success looks like 86 cents in your bank account

I wanted to share a thought process I’ve been having around what success really looks like. I’m sharing this because sometimes it is incredibly lonely as a business owner, you always want to present well and sometimes being brutally honest about where you’re at doesn’t always translate and the perception is that you might be […]

5 things to change in your Facebook strategy right now.

It’s been a while since I blogged and I admit that I’m a bit rusty. We’ve had a lot going on in the business including team growth, taking on major clients, expanding the business into building websites (even though I swore I would never do this). We have a key focus this year to experiment with a heap […]

Facebook isn’t being a dick!

When your being bullied by a fake account…… Most people don’t know or are unaware of the fact that Facebook does not have enough manpower, (by this I mean physical personnel) to single handily go through each and every account reported to determine whether it is a fake account or not, so how does Facebook […]

Work & Babies

Work & Babies… It’s the same thing, they are not mutually exclusive. Babies are work it’s a known fact, but if you are adding paid employment into the equation, then to me it reads as ‘Babies; Work & Work’ Did you know that the 2011 census results show that 63% of mothers are employed, & […]

Get to know the Shambolic Wrangler

What the heck is a Shambolic Wrangler? Does anyone else imagine a Shambolic Wrangler to be wearing a cowboy hat and have a lasso looped over its shoulder. Or maybe a wild head of hair, and a jumpsuit circa 1970’s in coloured stripes and don’t forget the platform shoes!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I […]

Lessons learnt by stepping away from the business

It’s amazing what you learn when you step away from the business, when you take time off for personal reasons or for whatever reasons it might be, most recently I learnt a whole lot of lessons which for the most part have stretched me in the greatest of ways and has been beneficial for not […]

#OTOTGoTip : Protect your Facebook Friends List

There are a few reasons to protect your friends, early on in my business I had a few people connect with me that I didn’t know, how they found me was through business colleagues who had open/public friends lists, their approach is what I often feel like it makes the rest of us in Sales & […]

Planning tools : Our present to you for Christmas.

Planning Tools The importance of disconnecting with the ever increasing noise of the Internet is growing. Social media makes it almost impossible to focus on tasks and our self belief in our knowledge base is warped by the fact that there is just so much information on the Internet that we feel that we have […]

How to stop getting Racism & Bigotry on Facebook

Step 1. Go to profile of said offending family member or friend. Step 2. On the cover photo in the bottom right click on the button that says Friends. Step 3. Click on Add to another list… Step 4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on Restricted. What this does is two things, […]

How to stop Candy Crush invites on Facebook

We all have that one friend, in fact you might be that particular friend, you can’t get through the 98th level, you’ve played the same level for weeks now and just can’t seem to move past it, it’s time to throw in the towel and what was once a fun game has now turned into a […]