Facebook Ads: Worth or Waste – My response

[jpshare] So I started writing this response in the YouTube comments of a video I recently watched.  I then realised it was perhaps a bit long.  So too the Blog I go! If you’re wondering what I’m talking have a watch of a video that was posted by Veritasium in relation to Facebook Advertising calling it very […]

Sponsored Stories – The value of your LIKE

[jpshare] When you like something, how much do you really like something? Or are you one of those people that is a serial “Liker”?  There is this fantastic Google Hangout I was a part of with a guy called +Craig Chamberlin on “Internet Privacy. You have none.”  At some point put an hour aside to […]

How to spot a fake Facebook page…

[jpshare]<<<<<<<< Read previous “Spot the difference” If you read the previous blog post linked above then you now already know 7 ways to spot a fake page. I wanted to go into this a little bit further because I how I came to the fake page was several of my Facebook friends who shall remain […]

“Spot the difference”

[jpshare]Remember that game “Spot the difference?”  How many can you spot?  Scroll down for the answers. > >> >>> >>>> >>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>> keep scrolling <<<<<<< >>>>>> >>>>> >>>> >>> >> > Just a bit more further…. > >> >>> >>>> >>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>> almost there >>>>>> >>>>> >>>> >>> >> > Answers: 1. The […]

Top 5 Facebook “faux pas”

Top 5 Facebook “faux pas” in no particular order: 5.  “Hi from your newest liker…” no joke as a business owner and someone who promotes their business through Facebook this is the single most annoying post to see on your page, it screams desperation.  Stop it. Instead engage in conversation on my page, there are plenty […]

Spot email scams

Here are some pointers to help spot email scams like the one displayed here. 1. Check the email address that this has come from & check the recipients list if it does not display your email it is very likely a scam. 2. When you hover over the link in the email you will see […]

Our Brand Evolution – You can’t always prepare for change.

[jpshare]The OTOTGo Brand Evolution The Vistaprint Era When you started in business you undoubtedly went for the Vistaprint business cards.  Why? Well they were stupidly cheap, we couldn’t afford a logo designer and we figured no one else would possibly use the same template as us within a 50 kilometer radius. Who doesn’t like free […]

Time to pull your socks up Facebook content creators!

A little while ago there was a statement made about how Facebook content was going to be viewed differently where the cat meme’s that we have all grown to know and love and the other crappy content on there was going to get a lower reach (this means not as many people are going to […]

Fraud On Facebook – How to spot them.

FRAUD ALERT! (read & share – be cyber aware) There seems to be an increase lately in the amount of Fraud on Facebook that is happening one of which is where you are friend requested by someone you were already connected to. If you do get a friend request and you thought you were already […]

Anzac Day joke goes out of control

It’s days like this that I lose a little faith in humanity. Where hatred rears it’s ugly little head and people follow in what can only be described as a hateful sheep mentality. As a country we’re better then that, or are my expectations too high? If you missed what I’m about to talk about […]