5 useful things to ask “Facebook Graph Search”

First question is, do you have the new Facebook graph search function yet? The best way to tell is your “Facebook search bar” has changed at the very top of your personal account. This is the new Facebook search bar that includes Graph Search: This is the old Facebook search bar: The announcement for Facebook’s […]

Facebook Image Sizing Guide

A little while ago we had some of our clients ask us if we could give them a Facebook image sizing guide, actually we’ve only ever been asked for the dimensions of the cover photo but we’ve gone one step a little further and done it for the Cover Photo, Profile Picture, Posts, Highlighted Posts […]

Unbelievably cute tweets

  I went on a roadtrip down to Albany to get away from technology and found these beautiful birds pruning each other. I wonder what their Facebook Status would say? Also my Samsung Galaxy S4 can make animated “gifs” and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this, now if […]

NBN FTTN An open letter response to Mr Malcolm Turnbull

On the 12th of September Malcolm Turnbull MP wrote a public letter/blog in relation to a petition started up by Nick Paine which was to ask the Coalition to reconsider its position relating to the changes to NBN going to the exchange (FTTN – Fibre to the Node) back to the original plan by the […]

Disconnect social media…

must – turn – off – technology So I disconnect social media.  Yes, yes it does happen, maybe not as much as it should but it happens.  I was going through photos that a friend and colleague Sky Simone took of me a little while back and it has taken me until now to get myself […]

Facebook Embedded Comments – It’s ABOUT TIME!?

There is this wonderful that has happened.  I wished for something (Facebook embedded comments) literally a week ago and wished for it really really hard and Facebook made it happen and then I found it by accident.  Admittedly this happens quite a lot. “I press lots of buttons to see how much I can break […]

Facebook Competitions the rule change

Facebook made an announcement yesterday in relation to a rule change for business page Facebook competitions & promotions.  There are a few self professed “experts” in the field of social media who are among the flurry of people who have rushed to share this glorious news.  I’ve never been keen on being the first to […]

Social Media 1hr Q&A – 24th August 2013

So we ran a Social Media Q&A on our Facebook page as a bit of an experiment, thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if we gave anyone and everyone a hour to ask whatever burning questions that might have about Social Media. The result was far from what I expected.  I […]

How much should I pay to have a website?

[jpshare] “How much should I pay to have a website?” Often we get asked this question and over the years my opinion gets slightly more jaded.  Very early on it was realised that websites was NOT something we wanted to do and the process to find honest, reliable, passionate, industry partners seemed even harder. I’m going […]

Social Media streamlining and why it gives me Heebie Jeebies.

To post the same content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would be nothing short of printing the same news article in competing newspapers, what exactly would be the point for the reader to buy different newspapers if they’re just reporting the same news.