We are one of the longest running premium social media marketing businesses in Australia. Specialising in Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Digital Strategy. We continue to provide services that range from training small business owners, to implementing strategy and providing support within marketing teams. Our key solution is to save business owners and marketing managers valuable time while staying ahead of the technologies and updates that constantly roll out in the social media space.

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Our Core Business


We oversee and provide support for the integration of a social media solutions that works with your existing marketing by working with your team to ensure success.

  • Clear understanding of tools
  • Improve efficiency
  • Gain improved ROI

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We deliver Facebook advertising campaigns for clients focused on outcomes. Our experiance in sales and marketing makes us uniquely skilled.

  • Monthly campaigns
  • Minimum budgets of $1000
  • Clear KPI’s established



Ming has trained business owners for the last 6 years in everything we deliver for our clients. Think of Ming as the cheat sheet for the Internet.

  • Training for your needs
  • Organisational training
  • 1on1 available for marketing specailists


Digital Disconnect Marketing Retreat


A five day retreat uniquely designed to upskill business owners in digital marketing without the distraction of technology. A retreat full of personal and professional development. Facilitated to maximise content creation.

Book for the March 2018 Digital Disconnect Retreat.
March 1st – March 5th

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Our Team

OTOTGo has been around since 2011. Each one of our team bring a unique set of qualities, personality and experience to the business to make the whole thing work like a well oiled machine.


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Our Downloadables

Free! Without sacrificing your email, first born or soul in the process.

That’s right. No catch, our offline planning tools that are yours to use. Forever.