Facebook Workshops For Business

We run 3 different Facebook Workshops for Business

These are all hands on workshops, you are required to bring laptops (not iPads) for Workshops 1 & 3 and a smart phone or camera for Workshop 2.

Part 1: Facebook Starter

This workshops suits business owners who have generally used Facebook personally, right through to the business owner that has used Facebook business pages, but wants to learn more about increasing reach.

What we cover:

+ Your Facebook Business Page is setup
+ Run a personal profile privacy health check
+ How to schedule and why
+ Graph search, what is it and how is it useful
+ Tagging, when you can & can’t do it
+ Learn to read your reports & insights and understand what they mean
+ How to build your audience the right way, organically
+ How to sell/promote to your audience without being affected by the algorithm

Part 2: Facebook Create Content & Conversation

This workshops is good for business owners who are struggling to reach fans and/or struggle to come up with ideas for content for your page.

What we cover:

+ Plan a weeks worth of content
+ Effectively run a competition on Facebook without the risk of losing your page
+ How your content compliments your traditional marketing
+ Takeaway tools to help continue content creation

Part 3: Facebook Advertising Actions & A/B Testing

We move you away from using the “Boost Post” & “Boost Page” buttons and get the best return on your financial investment in ads. This is for business owners ready to take their Facebook Marketing to the next level and for those that are curious about what is achieved through Facebook Ads.

What we cover:

+ The Rules – What you can & can’t advertise
+ Boost Post vs Target Ads
+ Targeting – Who do you target & why
+ Split testing – What is it and why it’s important
+ Power Editor – Just how powerful is it

Full Day Workshops

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