How to stop getting Racism & Bigotry on Facebook

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How to stop seeing stuff from your friends who are bigots and racists on Facebook step oneStep 1. Go to profile of said offending family member or friend.

Step 2. On the cover photo in the bottom right click on the button that says Friends.

Step 3. Click on Add to another list…

Step 4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on Restricted.

What this does is two things, first it stops showing their content on your news feed and leading into a really un-resourceful conversation online, these kinds How to stop seeing stuff from your friends who are bigots and racists on Facebook step twoof conversations are best to be had face to face because then you’re not going to mis-interpret their body language or their tone. Words on a screen often gets misread which leads to arguments online.

The second thing this does is restricts them from only seeing your public posts, which means anything that you share in the safety of your friends list will not be engaged with by the racist and bigoted people because they simply won’t see it at all.


I’m going to add a bit of commentary separate to the above, I do tend to steer clear from talking about religion and politics in our blogs however some days shit just needs to be said.

At the moment the world is hurting, there has been turmoil with the recent attacks in Paris and every time something like this happens the racists & bigots come out to play and creates disunity within our humanity. Let me clarify my stance because I feel it’s important to not cause any of confusion around this:

Killing people is bad. Period. Doing it allegedly in the name of a God is extreme, that’s why we call it extremism, and extremism across all races & religions are and have always been, a bunch of crackpots who are terrified of their own shadow. Weak and gutless ass-holes of the world that actually only take up 1% of the worlds population and they’re betting on you being terrified of them, in fact that’s what they want.

This video from Waleed Aly that went viral last week put it perfectly, if you want to help the terrorists then be a bigot, alienate anybody that looks foreign because that’s exactly what I S I S want.

ISIL is WeakWaleed talks about how we can stop ISIL #TheProjectTVWritten by Waleed and Tom Whitty (@twhittyer)

Posted by The Project on Monday, November 16, 2015


I am half Chinese, half Swedish (and actually 5th generation Australian on this side) and despite having one of the thickest Australian accents you’ll ever hear and being born in Australia I have experienced a lot of the racism in my younger years, this actually proved to help me gain my sense of identity, however if the Internet was around when I experienced all of that it would be a very different story. My mother was born in Indonesia a country of which the official religion of their country is Islam, when my mother moved to Australia (when my grand mothers shop was bombed for being Chinese).

My mother actually received a lot of racism primarily because many of the Australian’s through their ignorance believed my mother to be Japanese and as WWII really hadn’t left the psyche of the Australian population she was bullied and often treated like a criminal even when she worked at Warren Index in Melbourne in her early 30’s.

Have we still really not learnt yet? That different is not dangerous, that different is just different and that ignorance only feeds fear. The mass media has always been responsible for being a key driver for fear, death sells papers, or at least so it used to and it’s part of the reason I stopped watching television when I was 15. What is a nice change of pace is to see more people in the media take hold of journalistic integrity and actually report what we need to know. I believe that as a planet we can try just a little bit harder to be kind to our fellow humans, no matter what colour, creed or beliefs they are.

Consider this. We are more connected now in the history of humanity because of the Internet, let’s focus on the wonderful things we can make instead.

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