#ReduceTheStupid and other irritating campaigns that shit me

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reducethestupidNote: It’s been a while since I’ve blogged for the business consistently folks, my headspace has been in writing about grief (which you can read at mingjohanson.com.au) and I had to fax (yes fax) my previous website host in order to update contact details of our domain name and redirect to a newer better website host that doesn’t crash every 5 seconds I wanted to change something.

I’ve been seeing the picture on the left on my Facebook news feed encouraging people to #reducethestupid and it’s been stirring a certain level of irritability in me and here’s why.

People are not stupid, they’re naive, we all are on multiple levels, I am not stupid because science is not my thing. I have an amazing friend (in fact he’s been one of my longest friends) he is super science-y who runs a business aptly named Galactic Scientific he is brilliant at the science-y & laser-y & complex machinery stuff & I’m brilliant at the marketing, relationship building, customer service-y stuff, we each have our strengths and play to them, this doesn’t make either of us stupid and I had the pleasure of having Andrea attend our last marketing retreat even I the non-science-y person still had something to teach the super science-y person.

What I want to stop is the fear marketing machine not to be perpetuated by peoples fear and ignorance. It’s not stupidity that makes people share their outrage around a “fake post” that states that “Muslims” are digging up the graves of an Anglican church that they have bought, a false story (amongst others) that is shared by the Britain First Facebook page to perpetuate racial hatred and makes a horrifying appearance on my news feed at least once a year, it’s fear brought on by ignorance. It’s not stupidity that makes people share for the billionth time that “THE FACEBOOK ALGORITHM HAS CHANGED AND WE NOW NEED TO PLEDGE OUR FIRST AND THIRD BORN TO THE ZUCKERBERG CLONING MACHINE” *insert deep sigh and facepalm* it’s naivety.

Here’s an amazing fact, we as a humanity are more connected to each other than we have ever been connected in the entire history of mankind.

What can we learn off each other?
What can we teach each other?
What can we build together?
What exciting leaps in technology can we discover?

Here’s one of the largest things in marketing right now that most of us have fallen for, you know those ‘SAVE’ or “Manager Specials” tabs littered in the shopping isle providing the perception that if you were to buy a similar product you would in fact be saving, these ‘SAVE’ tabs rightly or wrongly are actually a distraction encouraging people to buy more of the product that they were ever intending in the first place and as a result actually spend more money, not less, does this make you stupid? No, of course it doesn’t, chances are you’re overwhelmed, time poor, distracted by your kids throwing toilet paper at each other in the middle of the aisles like the rest of us.  The moral of my blog this week, be kind to each other, calling other people stupid because they didn’t study biology and don’t know the contents of their own blood is probably not the best way to encourage people to learn more about science-y stuff.

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