Social Media Community Management

ototgo-social-media-client-examplesDo you need Social Media Community Management?

Running a business can be tough enough, we’ve certainly known this ourselves as we’ve gone through our more recent growth spurts.

As business owners you are often the accountant, the payroll officer, the recruitment officer, the trainer, the coach, the manager, the sales person and the chief cook and bottle washer, where do we seriously find the time? How do you keep up with all the changes with the social platforms?

What OTOTGo does:

Social media community management has been a service that has grown for us in recent years, as we grew, so did many of our clients.

It’s no secret, we love Facebook and our fondness has come from the simple fact that we practice what we preach. Our own OTOTGo community on Facebook ranges from hard-core advocates who will tag us and mention us at a moments notice, to the occasional voyeur who likes to see our tips and tricks and shares them to their greater network of friends and organically grows our followers.

With many of the team within OTOTGo having a strong background in sales and marketing that spans over 15 years, we’re data and results driven, as a team we’re not interested in creating just any ole marketing fluff for you, it’s our mission to understand your customers, your business and your passions so we can create original, likable, share-able content that drives real conversations and creates genuine quality leads that you can then turn into customers. This paired with our Facebook Ad management strategies puts your business in a strong place and be the leader in your marketplace.

While our largest strengths are in Facebook we do also manage Twitter, LinkedIn for Business & Instagram for many of our clients.